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When third parties are involved in claims, things can get complicated, fast. Utilizing our team of Claim Experts ensures you’re safeguarding your policyholders and stakeholders from discrepancies and estimate overwrites.

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Expert Technical Analysis Services

Remediation Review

Licensed, certified, and relentless in the pursuit of a collaborative and thorough claim experience. Water, mold, fire, asbestos, trauma crime scene, and content packout claim audits will help your company safeguard policyholders and insurance stakeholders from any discrepancies and estimate overwrites.

Our culture of continuous learning and quality improvement ensures our audits produce constructive feedback to contractors, highlighting areas of excellence and pinpointing where improvements can be made.


Our focus is to provide an exceptional experience to both insured and their claim representative by assisting with any supplemental items on their claim. Policyholder retention is crucial in driving revenue for insurers.

We work to renew the relationship with the insured by providing timely handling of the supplemental request, turning what can be a negative to the insured, to a positive.

As an added bonus, by giving these files the proper attention, we help improve your indemnity retention by an average of more than $3,000 per claim.

Quality Assurance

Our Estimate Accuracy Reviews (EARs) audit insurance estimates to determine if information included is necessary to add to the claim. Our focus on quality means fewer speed bumps for your staff, an expedited claims process for policyholders, and money saved in the process.

Our team was responsible for indemnity retention over $11 MILLION in estimate overwrites in the span of one year.

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Our expertise in liability, property damage, and injury claims increases your chances of successful subrogation. Fire losses typically require subrogation to be involved from the early stages of the claim lifecycle. Partnering with Acorn gives you the edge to be there when your policyholder needs it, helping to maintain policy rates and lower claim costs.


Acorn strives to simplify the complexities of P&C insurance with transparency, crystal clear communication, and a passion for helping others. Our well-rounded experience provides you an unmatched partner you can rely on to provide valuable insights for better decision-making.

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